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HRAs adult rec registration is now open!
DATE:  Friday nights from 9-10 pm beginning October 4 for 27 weeks.
COST: $325

In order for us to proceed with this timeslot, we must have 20 fully paid registrants by August 28th. Registration is payable by check only to Jon Ahrens and instructions are included on the registration site. This registration is open to any adult 18+ or over in any area - so you are encouraged  to pass this on to family and friends! We will also collect names for substitutions in case we are short players on any given week.

To confirm payment has been mailed, please email: jonahrens@gmail.com
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Last chance for Coaching Applications Aug 30, 2019

The HRA is accepting applications for Coaches, Managers, and Trainers for the 2019-2020 season till 11:59pm Aug 30, 2019.


For those of you who don’t have a ringette background and think that’s a barrier for applying, it’s not. Training is provided via online, classroom and on-ice coaching clinics and courses. We also have a number of passionate and well-trained volunteers within the club who are happy to mentor you along the way. For those of you that do have a ringette background- well you already know how fun this game is but you may be surprised to discover that it gets even better when helping young players learn, play, and enjoy the sport as well.


Ideally, to run efficiently, each team has a Head Coach, two Assistant Coaches, a Trainer, and a Manager. Position descriptions, training requirements and other information can be found at these following websites:






Please have a look and seriously consider this fun and rewarding experience- these teams can’t run without your involvement and participation. The training costs are reimbursed by the HRA once completed, to the approved candidates.


Bench/Coach Applications can be found in the ‘Documents and Forms’ folder on the main page of the Hamilton Ringette website, here:



We’re also always looking for on-ice volunteers at the Learn to Skate [LTS] level as well. If your player will be in LTS next year, this is a good way to get on the ice and test the waters without committing to the training requirements.


Please complete and submit forms to coaching@hamiltonringette.ca either by picture or scanned document.

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Ti-Cats 50/50 a Great Success!
This year's ticats 50/50 draw was another huge success!!!! For the second year in a row our group was able to raise nearly $32,000!!!!

These funds will go a long way to help the HRA continue to provide the amazing services and programs that we offer your children. Thank you to the Hamilton Tiger-cats and the Bulldogs foundation for allowing us to continue to run this event.

To all of our volunteers that took time out of their busy lives to come and support us last night; a huge Thank You and an even bigger pat on the back.  Everyone in Hamilton Ringette owes you a debt of gratitude for all of your amazing work. The Tiger Cats had nothing but amazing things to say about all of you

Also a huge congratulations to the group of Maureen, Carm, Jada and Lexi who out sold Everyone by over $1,000 including the online sales!

Thank you all, you were amazing,
Posted by Jon Ahrens, Created Sat Jun 29, 2019

2019/2020 Registration is NOW OPEN

Regsitration is now open! Please click the link below to register or paste link into your browser! 


Our new site:

  • will automatically put you into your proper playing divisions
  • information completed will feed into your team's communication tool - this will be the main tool used by your coaching staff to communicate all game/practices for the upcoming year as well as information dispersed by the HRA
  • have your child's photo ready for upload during registration!
  • once a profile is created, you will not need to do it again in the future
  • please be patient with our new system and if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the HRA website


  • Early bird deadline is July 14th and all payments must be received in full at time of registration in order to take advantage of this rate 
  • As of July 15th, payment installment options will be made avaailable
  • All new players to ringette will recieve a discounted rate for their first year
  • Credit card and offline payments are accepted

Division ages (based on 2019-2020 season):

  • LTS/U8 – 7 years and under (2012 and all new players)
  • U10 – 9 years and under (2010-2011)
  • U12 – 11 years and under (2008-2009)
  • U14 – 13 years and under (2006-2007)
  • U16 – 15 years and under (2004-2005)
  • McMaster/Open A – 18 years and older (2001)
2019-2020 Registration Fees: 
  • LTS/U8 – $225
  • U10 – $550
  • U12 – $625
  • U14 – $625
  • U16 – $625
  • McMaster/Open A  TBD
  • Adult Rec - TBD
*Early bird rates will apply until July 14 - $100 off registration for U10-U16 divisions.
Posted by Jon Ahrens, Created Sat Jun 29, 2019, Updated Sat Jun 29, 2019

Thinking about Reffing?

How many teams are there in a Ringette game? 

Have you thought about joining the 3rd team. 



We are looking for new officials for this upcoming season.


Anyone that is interested in becoming a Ringette Official should fill out the simple form.  We will contact you with more details.


  • How well do you know the game of Ringette?
  • Learn real life work skills; self confidence, problem solving, teamwork, responsibility, time management?
  • Extra ice time to improve your playing skills?
  • Give back to the sport and the future of the game?
  • A part time job that caters to your playing schedule?
  • Extra curricular activities towards college applications?
  • Make great new friends within the refereeing community?
  • Game fees start at @ $20.00/game?


We offer theoretical and practical training coarses, recruitment activities by knowledgeable and passionately experienced support team. 


Please click or copy and paste on the link provided.


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Follow the below link to complete your registration. The new form will automatically place you into the correct division; limited adjustments to divisional play may be made with Southern Region Approval after registration is complete.

The registration form is tied to your TeamSnap account that will be managed by your coach so please have the following information ready:
  • Player photo for upload
  • Player dietary/medical information you wish to share with your bench staff
Division ages (based on 2019-2020 season)


  • LTS/U8 – 7 years and under (2012 and all new players)
  • U10 – 9 years and under (2010-2011)
  • U12 – 11 years and under (2008-2009)
  • U14 – 13 years and under (2006-2007)
  • U16 – 15 years and under (2004-2005)
  • McMaster/Open A – 18 years and older (2001)


2019-2020 Registration Fees: 
  • LTS/U8 – $225
  • U10 – $550
  • U12 – $625
  • U14 – $625
  • U16 – $625
  • McMaster/Open A  TBD
  • Adult Rec - TBD
*Early bird rates will apply until July 14 - $100 off registration for U10-U16 divisions.

Payment Options:
  • Credit Card or offline payments via check are accepted
  • Beginning July 15,  payment installment option will be available through the system. Full funds must be received prior to September 30, 2019.
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Learn to Skate and Play Ringette
Build strong, fit, confident GIRLS!
Don't miss our FREE Come Try Ringette Event!
Sunday, May 26th from 12:30 - 3 p.m. (On ice portion from 1-2 p.m.)
Mohawk Quad Pad 
To Register for this event: www.cometryringette.ca

Helmet, Skate & Gloves required. Must be able to stand on skates on own.

For more information contact heatringettte@hotmail.com
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AGM / Luncheon

Year End Awards Banquet (And AGM)

Sunday April 28th, 2019 12:30-3:30pm

Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club, 45 Ellis Ave, Hamilton, ON L8H 4L8

(Extra parking at Centre Mall)


Please join us to celebrate our season and watch our players receive their awards. Stay afterwards to play in the games room, gym and go for a swim!



Notice of AGM & Open HRA Executive Positions for the 2019/2020 season

• President (Two year term) Open  Nominated – Andy Mous          
• Vice President (Two year term) Open – Nominated – Julie Morris 
• Registrar (Two year term) Open – Nominated – Jon Ahrens           
• Secretary (Two year term) Open – Nominated – Stephanie Parker           
• Coaching Coordinator (Two year term) Open – Nominated – 
• Referee in Chief (Two year term) Open – Nominated – 
• Treasurer (Two year term) Open – Nominated –

Convenors (All one year terms)

• U8/LTS Open
• U10 – Open
• U12  Open
• U14 – Open
• U16 – Open
• Open A – Open
• Mac  Open

Please contact Paul Vriends if you’re interested in, or would like more information regarding the roles and responsibilities of these positions.  If you would like to nominate someone, please contact Paul Vriends or any current member of the Board. Elections will be held at the Annual General Meeting on April 28, 2019Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club, 45 Ellis Ave, Hamilton, ON L8H 4L8 (parking at Centre Mall) following the Awards Banquet at 12:30pm. It is our hope to avoid nominations from the floor to ensure those nominated have time to fully consider their nomination and ensure they have the time and interest required to fulfill the role. 


Thank you,


Paul Vriends


Hamilton Ringette


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3 on 3 Spring Ringette League
Registration is now open for our 3 on 3 program. This year we're divided into two groups. U12/U14 on Monday nights starting May 6th at 6pm and run straight for eight weeks. On May 20th the start time will be 7:15pm due to holiday programming.

U10's will be on Tuesday nights at 5:30pm starting May 7th and running eight weeks as well. All games will be at the Quad. There will be room for 18 skaters per group. Goalies will play for free. Cost is $150 and includes an HRA 3 on 3 jersey.

In order to provide a competitive format this program is limited to U10 and up. Please note we may also cap  groups in order to balance divisions.

New this season we will have a spare list. The cost will be $15 a player per game. Please register if you'd like to be on the list. If you have any questions please email Paul at president@hamiltonringette.ca

Posted by Paul Vriends, Created Sun Mar 17, 2019, Updated Sun Mar 17, 2019

2019/20 HRA Board Positions

Hamilton Ringette is now accepting nominations for the 2019/20 season. We have some amazing people that've stepped forward but still require a few more. 
If you've ever wanted to help out and feel you've got something to offer, this is a wonderful and rewarding opportunity to join a vibrant and growing association.

Below is a description of the positions. Convenors are a one year term while all others are two years. All new board members will be supported by the previous position holder as they learn their new role. If you'd like to volunteer, nominate someone or like more info please contact president@hamiltonringette.ca  

Board Member Responsibilities
(i) President
Active or Life member – the president shall preside at all board and general meeting and shall automatically be a member of all committees.  The president shall supervise and coordinate all activities of HRA and be its chief representative between third parties.  The president may exercise alone all powers of the board in cases of emergency or evident necessity.  Any such action is to be ratified at the next meeting of the board.  The president shall vote only in the case of a tie at all meetings over which he/she presides.  The president will also be the HRA representative to the Southern Region Ringette Association or may appoint an authorized delegate.
(ii) Vice-President
Active or Life member – the vice president shall assist the president in the execution of his/her duties.  He/She shall replace the president whenever the latter is unable to act, for reason of absence or otherwise.  The vice president shall automatically be appointed president should the latter resign from or be removed from the position for cause, or in any way cease to qualify for that position.
(iii) Secretary
Active or Life member – the secretary shall record and retain on file the minutes of the meetings.  The secretary shall notify in advance all members of the agenda, time, date, and place of all meetings.  Upon election to office, it shall be the duty to deliver to each board member a copy of the current constitution, bylaws and policies so that they in turn may know their duties.  
(iiii) Treasurer
Active or Life member – the treasurer shall keep the books of account.  The treasurer shall be responsible for collecting all monies owed the association.  The treasurer shall receive and hold in trust, in a chartered bank, all sums received by the association.  At the end of term of office, the treasurer shall turn over to the newly elected treasurer all books, records, and other items of account of this and proceeding terms of office in his/her safekeeping.  Books of account shall be made available for any paying member.  A financial statement indicating the financial records of the association are in order shall be prepared annually and be made available to the membership. Should the treasurer resign before the term is up, the financial records will be reviewed in conjunction with the new treasurer.

(v) Referee-in-Chief 
Active or Life member – The Referee In Chief (RIC) is responsible for monitoring the performance of all association Referees throughout the season, and shall spearhead the training and upgrading of Referees under his/her jurisdiction.  The RIC shall keep a record of the qualifications of all HRA Referees.  The RIC shall schedule Referees making sure that each Referee is qualified at the proper level for the game they are assigned.   The RIC shall communicate with the Treasurer to ensure proper payment to the Referees. The RIC shall be responsible for the performance and attitude of officials while at assigned arenas.  The RIC will monitor all applicable rules and make recommendations to the board pertaining to changes or adjustments.  
(vi)  Fundraising and Publicity Director
Active or Life member – it is the duty of the fundraising and publicity director to establish and maintain the image of ringette using various media such as newspaper, posters, flyers, magazines, newspapers, etc.  Also to attract public attention, interest and support by the use of the various means of circulating the aforementioned information and any promotional material.
The fundraising and publicity director is also responsible for securing association sponsors, fund raising, association parties, team photographs, and year-end banquet.  
(vii) Coaching Co-Ordinator
Active or Life member – the coaching co-ordinator is responsible for co-ordinating the Coaches Selection Committee.  The committee will co-ordinate the selection of coaches, including review of coaching applications and interviews of potential coaches.  The coaching co-ordinator will then take these selections before the HRA board for final approval.  The coaching co-ordinator is also responsible for informing prospective coaches of all qualifications required by that position.  It is the duty of the coaching co-ordinator to be instrumental in the selection, performance review, training and record keeping of coaching staff in HRA.
(viii) Past President
Active or Life member –The immediate Past President will be appointed into the position of Past President provided that this individual is interested in serving in the position and has been approved by the Board. The Past President will serve in the position until replaced by a subsequent Past President who is interested in serving in the position and who has been approved by the Board.  The past president shall assist other members of the board in the administration of Ringette activities, as required.
(ix) Registrar
Active or Life member – it is the duty of the registrar to accept, record and register all members of the HRA with the ruling body (ORA), and to do so within the time requirements of Ontario Ringette.  The registrar will supervise the registration sessions, co-ordinate with the treasurer all monies collected from these registrations, make up the team TRF’s (Team Registration Forms), deliver copies of these forms to the proper coaches, and co-ordinate all registrations through the Region (Southern) to the ORA office.
(x) Convenors
Active or Life member – the convenors will be responsible for ensuring the proper observance of the constitution, by-laws, and rules and regulations applicable to the operation and administration of the HRA.  To implement programs and projects and to serve as the primary communication linkage between the board and coaches on all matters of business and to act on direction as provided by the board.  The convenor is accountable to the Board.  The convenor may appoint an assistant, who will be granted all voting privileges at board meetings in the absence of the convenor.  It is the duty of the convenor, along with the coaching co-ordinator to be instrumental in the selection, performance review, training and encouragement of coaching staff in his/her age division at all levels of play offered.  The convenor, with the coaching selection committee will be responsible for recommending for board approval coaching staff including head coach, assistants, managers and trainers for all levels of teams.  In addition, the convenor is responsible for presenting to the board all matters including but not limited to requested adjustments to registered team lists, player registrations, player/team level of play or seeding, all situations where serious injury had occurred to any player, coach, or parent during a game, practice, or other association sponsored activity.
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